Interested in becoming a career coach?

How can educators become involved? Many students are inspired by their teachers to become educators themselves.  If you would like to spend a few extra minutes a week helping to answer questions from students in the school district  we would like to invite you to become a career coach in Career Cruising Inspire with East Side Works.


We need you!

Career Cruising Inspire in the Classroom

Career Cruising’s has an engaging interface that gets students excited about exploring their options, interests, and aspirations through interactive games starting in Kindergarten, followed by career activities and assessments in later grades. Because the program is so easy to use, an educator would spend less time explaining and more time focusing on activities that make an impact with their students.

Career Cruising helps to connect the real world with the classroom on the latest career and labor market information, salaries, and educational pathways.  The information is written in a way that is easy to understand. Students will also learn essential 21st-century skills like financial literacy and goal-setting through video interviews, role-playing activities and much more.  Career Cruising in the classroom has many valuable resources for educators to utilize within their classroom.

​Helping students build a future plan connecting school with real life will positively impact their academic achievement, classroom engagement, and career and life success. Motivated students contribute to higher-performing schools and stronger communities.

Teachers as Career Coaches in: 

  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science